Female Army Rangers Go!

Two women have just made it as US Army Rangers. Congratulations to them and to all the men who passed this grueling test! All the best to all of our Rangers out there serving their country!

female army rangers



Megaswing? Ultrabilly!

I while back I posted about the fictional genre of music called Megaswing, citing the song “Infested” from a band called Course of Empire. as a prime example. Now I am thrilled to report on another genre bender from Fallout Boy, their song “Uma Thurman,” which I am naming as the first example of a new fictional genre, Ultrabilly. I love the way that some sounds which seem borrowed from Daft Punk and others, like the rhythmic piano strikes, that seem borrowed from Do-Wop blend so well with the Rocakabilly standard Munsters’ Theme.

One Way Trip to Mars?

Many people are gearing up for a one-way trip to mars. Who will be the first to set foot in the domain of the gods? What will be the cost of such a journey? Here’s hoping for great adventure and the safest possible trip. May those who venture out find whatever they are looking for.

Here is an NPR story on the trip:


Here is a story about Heidi Beemer, who is making it her life’s work to go. Good Luck and God Speed!


This is her Facebook page:


Astronauts Preparing for Mars

They say it will take years. They even say that it may be a one way trip; nevertheless, astronauts are already preparing to go to Mars. Let’s saute these brave men and women who are still reaching for the stars.

An Aspiring Martian Continues To Pursue The Red Planet


Zombies Would Fail

I feel that the current zombie trend, particularly the popularity of prolonged, depressing series like The Walking Dead, is largely fueled by the hopelessness people feel at the current state of world finances. It feels like things are bad and like the world is divided into “us” and “them” as we all compete for the same finite resources. Naturally, people want to see those feelings reflected in the art and media they enjoy. However, if you are like me and need a little hope and rationality as well as art to get you through, here is this.

Cracked.com Presents 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Attack Would Fail.