Being the Best

With all the reality TV out there I feel that many people get the idea that you’re either in or you’re out. You’re either the best, or you’re nothing. While I can definitely understand this attitude, it seems to me that it is not healthy. It seems to me that many people have decided that since there is someone better, they don’t have to try. An all or nothing dichotomy breeds apathy. Maybe you can’t be the best, but you can always be better, and becoming better at anything changes you, making you broader, deeper, wiser, and, ultimately, more valuable to society.

In the age of crowd-sourcing, it is easy to forget that a crowd is made up of individuals, so the quality of the individual determines the quality of the crowd.

I originally posted this idea just as a thought I had been nurturing for a while, so it was great to see it so clearly illustrated in the film Monsters University. This is a rare movie for the United States, because it is all about learning over a lifetime. Usually, in American movies, learning takes place during a short montage. The movie itself is mostly about the result of the learning, not the learning itself. This is a truly distinctive film because it deals with this complex process which goes virtually unaddressed in American popular culture.


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