Chinette Commercial

Check this too. The lost art of getting together. We got family values, dinner parties, hanging lights like an old-school carnival. We are slopping over with atom-age values. If only we can keep the gains we have made in diversity, information storage, environmentalism, and connectivity while restoring the art of human interaction, this type of thinking promises a new era. One with the positivism of the 50s minus the racism, sexism, and other unpleasantness.

Here is a link to the commercial on Vimeo:

I drove about an  hour out of may way to see an old friend the other day. There was work to do, but there was plenty of time to rest between jobs, so I was expecting to  have some time to just chat and catch up with this person. No such luck. In the down times, there were six of us sitting around a room that couldn’t have been more than twenty by thirty, yet no one spoke to each other. We were sometimes sitting there for as much as forty-five minutes, yet very little was said. Out of six, three people had computers, one person had a smartphone, and one was sewing, so that just left me. I was literally sitting in a room with five friends, and all I could do was watch them have social interactions on their computers. I haven’t felt that lonely in a long time.

If you feel the spirit of the Chinette commercial and you want to have one of these get-togethers, here’s a suggestion: have a phone bucket waiting by the front door. Everyone has to put their phone in the bucket before they come to the party. Have some party games or something ready because no one is going to know what to do with themselves.






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