Ok, so I was at my folks house last year, and they have a cable channel that plays nothing but high fifties-era music. This is not the music you hear from the fifties, that’s primarily “oldies” rock-and-roll; this is the music that my parents remember their parents listening to (and FYI my parents are approaching the gateway to their seventies).

To my ear, it initially sounded like an elevator took a hefty dose of Prozac, but the more I hear it, the more I feel it is a welcome respite from obtrusive commercials, thunderous thrash, and the blare of the 24-hour news feed. This is the music a martini would make if if could play the clarinet. It may be for you, check out this sampler:

Jo Stafford: “You Belong to Me” 1952

Percy Faith: “Delicado” 1952

Perez Prado “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” 1955

One modern, slightly more upbeat incarnation of this music is Esquivel, it’s updated, and more than a little ironic. It has got just a little more of an edge to it. It’s relaxing and evocative of a Madmen party without lolling one to sleep. Taste it children:

Esquivel: “Surfboard” 1995







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