The music of Silverbridge is called Megaswing. As far as I know, it does not exist yet. When dreaming about this world, the Megaswing idea just hit me. It would be like the Cramps and Benny Goodman were in the same band.

Here is a song called Infested from a band called Course of Empire. They are no more, but their music lives on. Thanks YouTube.

Its a blast from the past (20 years ago, I can’t believe it!) and this is the “Darwin Goodman” remix in case you want it on disc or MP3. But it combines the intensity of rock with the verve of swing. This is what blasts out of the boom-box rocket sneakers of atom age tweens and psycho-hip brutal-bean addicted beatniks.

I wish the base was a little richer, Hey! Is anyone doing Dubstep remixes of swing tunes? Deadmaus? Daft Punk? I am looking in your direction.


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