Come to the Sea of Vapours Lunar Park and Therapeutic Rest Home: All Your Problems Look Small from Up Here!

Um, I just bought an acre of land on the moon. It makes me so happy, and I don’t quite know why. I think it reminds me of Emperor Norton. I saw the Lunar Registry guy on a wonderful documentary called Lunarchy, and I was just blown away. He sort of declared himself owner of the moon and is now selling it, an acre at a time, online. I am 99.9% positive nothing will come of this; however, if it does, I am hereby making a pledge to use my acre of the moon for the public good, like a national, (international?) state park or something like that. Maybe we could put the first free therapeutic asylum there (genuine lunatics only please). Hey, maybe if enough people bought acres near mine, we could make a giant park or something. You know like Yellowstone, only, White-Dust. Hmmm, I am going to keep working on the name. At any rate, $21.95 just didn’t seem like that much to pay for a frameable deed to a piece of the moon. Any Steampunk or Atompunk people with me?


Go read some Verne or some Bradbury and then check again.


The deed for my lunar property arrived today. I say again, I am 99.9% sure that nothing will come of this; I just think someone declaring themselves owner of the moon and selling it is one of the most delightfully Barnum-like things I have ever heard. At any rate, for $20 you get a beautiful deed on pearlescent paper, a “Lunar Republic” bumper sticker. The Lunar Republic newsletter, and a map of the moon that shows exactly where your property is. This is like someone gave me a leprechaun or something.

lunar deed



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