Rebelle Crush Nerf Gun

I was in Toys-R-Us the other day and say the Nerf Rebelle. Thought it in the “boy” aisle, whatever that means, it is clearly styled for girls. Anyone who saw my post about Bombshell Wonder Woman knows that I am pro-equality. I am of two minds on this though. As I understand it, early threads of Feminism suggested that women should be “different but equal,” that is, women should have equality, but they should have it because their “natural” tendencies, emotionality, sensitivity, nurturing, deserved an equal place in our culture. Newer waves of Feminism have been a little more ambivalent on this point. Nowadays there seems to be a general tendency towards an “anything you can do, I can do equally well” mindset. Women are getting into combat and (still…sigh) seeking equal pay for doing the same jobs that men have traditionally done. This is wonderful, but I am concerned about one small imbalance.

Where is the “boy” stuff for the “girl” aisle? I am looking for a male equivalent of the gun for girls, that is, a slightly masculinized baby doll, tiny pet shop, or kitchen set: something in the “girl” aisle for the boys who are more comfortable doing crafts or taking care of their siblings than shooting people.



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