About Silverbridge: Age of the Atom

Silverbridge: Age of the Atom is a fictional world in which the following historical events have been changed:

1. The first atomic test at Trinity opened a rift to another dimension. This place, known to us as Wormworld, is apparently populated with ravenous mutant worms. These worms weigh tons each and seem simply to devour everything in their path. The worms excrete radioactive elements as waste.

2. The worms became such a threat that WWII was effectively put on hold while they were contained.

3. The battle with the worms ended and, since the Atomic Bomb had opened the rift to Wormworld, a worldwide ban was placed on that specific technology. The Genie was effectively put back in the bottle.

3. Since there was no arms race, research focused primarily on Atomic Power. Four major major technologies emerged from this research:

a) Fusion reactions were discovered and harnessed; these reactions create anti-energy a pulling force the counters atomic reactions

b) The discovery of Fusion lead to the Atomic Condenser; this technology allows for the capture and compression of radioactive material, thus allowing mostly depleted atomic material to be distilled, compressed, and re-burned. This process effectively eliminates the problem of radioactive toxic waste since radioactive elements can be re-burned and re-burned until they are totally depleted.

c) The Trinity Reactor is the third technology although truthfully it is something of an outgrowth of the other two. The trinity reactor contains three chambers, one for fission, another for fusion, and a third to route particles back and forth between the other two. This reaction, once begun, is virtually self-sustaining. Initially, the heat from the first chamber was used to create steam which turned a turbine. Later, the bipolar magnetic ring or MagRing was invented. This ring, constructed of carefully spaced magnets of alternating polarities, rides the magnetic waves created by the reactor chambers. The waves spin the MagRing with tremendous force. Attach the ring to a turbine, and its motion creates vast amounts of electricity. Thus, the Trinity Reactor provides a functionally unlimited source of power for all humanity. Currently, such reactors are very large and need secure facilities to run, but top scientists are constantly working to miniaturize them.


4. Finally, three new transport technologies waere invented based on the newly understood laws of the atom both work on Polarization technology, but in different ways

the atomic airship these run on the principle that a vacuum can be created with an atomic bubble contained in a magnetic bottle the atomic element is placed on a padestal and a negative bubble is created around it the two interact and their interaction forces all the air out of the space between them creating a perfect vacuum this provieds the lift for mighty airships that cruise the skies sadly, they winds up looking like one of those plasma balls from Spencer’s…

beam travel, sometimes called the stutter drive or dot wave travel works on the basic principle that energy and anti energy particles are attracted to each other by sending out a staggered beam of negative particles and then creating a rapidly fluctuating node of positive particles within the drive chamber of a vehicle, the vehicle may be pulled forward simply through the attraction of the positive particles toward the negative. the gaps between negative pulses start out very small so as to overcome the vehicle’s inertia, and may be spaced ever wider as the vehicle gains momentum. by shortnening or widening the gap between pulses the speed of the vehicle may be controlled. with the addition of a few collectors, the negative particles may be scooped up and harvested the instant before the particles merge and neutrialize each other, thus making the vehicle’s potential for travel virtually limitless (or the energy from the fusion of the particles may be used to generate a stream of posiitve particles periodically the charge of the engine is reversed so that the vehicle may ride negatice waves when there is a surplus of that particle and vice versa). The stutter drive looks not unlike the intake of a jet engine, except the central fan axis is replaced with a negative particle gun and the intake mouth contains, not a cycling burner, but a series of positive particle generators and negative particle collectors.

Polarized travel on the frontier of atomic travel is the polar drive. this technology is not perfected yet, but, when it is, it promises the stars. some scientists are experimenting with a drive that would project a matrix of negative particles ahead of a vehicle, the vehicle would then polarize itself with the opposite charge and, since the matrices are identical and drawn to complete each other, the vehicle would simply jump forward in space to meet its negative counterpart. by sending out a staggered series of negative matrices, a vehicle could effectively complete a series of micro jumps at nearly the speed of light this it seems that this technology could only work in space, since having other molecules in the way could interrupt the matrix

atomic medicine possible with a polarized neutralizer the atomic particles could be sent through the body to destroy cancer, then collected and neutralized immediately afterwards if the patient lay on a negatively polarized collection table



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