Emperical Scientism (Empsci)

This is the page for posts about Emperical Scientism the faith of Silverbridge: Age of the Atom

Dr Arc

Greetings sentient creatures of good will!

I am Dr. Arcocious Tzucrates Loufitotle, but you can call me Dr. Arc. I welcome you all to the wonders of Empsci: the system of understanding that informs all we do at the Arcatorium. Here are the basics: the atoms, the elements you need to get started on your journey with us: the never-ending journey towards Sciphos: the light of dynamic knowledge.

The basic tenets of the EmpSci:

1. God is a mystery; as human beings, it is our job to quest after that mystery

2. The quest is the scientific method; the more experiments we perform, the more we realize that the universe contains infinite mysteries; therefore, God is ever elusive, the Unmoved Mover who seems to move as we perceive its limitless potentialities, urging us forward towards greater knowledge; God is the vast unknown at the frontier of our understanding.

3. All tenets of EmpSci are mutable; further knowledge can and should inflect or even replace old ones as new and better data becomes available.

4. Celebrate the unknown; it draws us ever forward!

“My sense of god is my sense of wonder about the universe.”

Albert Einstein


1. Life is Diversity: Each life is the result of mind-bogglingly unlikely combinations of genes and is, therefore, unique and precious; just as anything unique is valued, no life should ever be taken for granted or treated callously.

2. Diversity is Health: Diverse systems are more robust and, therefore, more resistant to damage and destruction; greater diversity will promote health in organisms and organizations alike.

2. Health is Truth: To live in truth, in harmony with your surroundings and resonating with your purpose, is the path to a fulfilling life. Know your surroundings empirically. Make your purpose consistent with observation. As with the flow of electrons, the path of least resistance is the path of greatest productivity.

3. Truth is Divinity: The more you know about anything, the better your decisions will be; To know the face of the God, to expand the boundaries of your spirit, to be certain of the rightness of your actions, quest for greater knowledge.


Where do we go when we die? Do we have a soul? Is our personality preserved? Will we see our loved ones?

This question has vexed and terrified humankind for as long as we have been conscious. Death is the ultimate mystery: the last chance to discover the unknown;therefore, though it is not to be sought, it is also not to be feared. To seek death would remove a unique entity from the cosmos, diminishing the diversity and richness of the whole. To fear death produces unnecessary resistance; since to do so would mean expending energy to avoid something totally unavoidable.

No one knows for certain what happens when we die, but there are some things we can observe Empirically:

1. All matter and energy in the universe are conserved; so we must go somewhere.

2. As far as we can observe, we go back to where we came from: everywhere. The ebb and flow of matter and energy that makes up the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe; our matter, our energy is conserved, reused, and recycled; we are the universe and the universe is us. Though we appear to vanish, we are, in fact, more present after we die than we are while we are alive, and, if God is the wonder at the edge of our understanding, we go, in that sense, back to God.

“The iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones were all forged in such stars. We are made of stardust.”

     Edward Zganjar PhD and physics professor Louisiana State University


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